PPSS Group, organiser of this year LONE WORKER SAFETY 2011 Conference & Exhibition has released a limited number of discounted tickets for the event at Olympia Conference Centre, London, on Tuesday 10th May 2011.

The discounted tickets are available for £99.00 + VAT and can be purchased from PPSS Group only.

This year’s LONE WORKER SAFETY 2011 Conference & Exhibition is sponsored by ‘Connexion2’ and ‘Professional Witnesses’, two renowned companies who share our genuine passion for this topic.

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2011 is once again all about providing frontline professionals, interested in improving lone worker safety and lone worker protection with specific and up-to-date information.

Some of the most respected experts in lone worker safety, coming from a variety of backgrounds such as NHS, Police, Public Transport, Risk Management and Personal Safety Training will be delivering talks which will help reduce the risk of assaults on lone workers.

Who should attend?

 We feel that every lone worker and every health & safety professional, manager and senior member of staff who work within organisations where lone working takes place will benefit from this great event.

Public sector workers, enforcement teams, housing associations, social and health care professionals, nursing staff, utility field representatives and public transport professionals and many more can benefit from attending our LONE WORKER SAFETY 2011 event.

However, we will of course welcome everyone who shares our great passion for lone worker safety.

Why attending?

  • You can discover how to help lone workers cope with the aftermath of an assault.
  • You will gain enhanced awareness of lone worker safety risks.
  • You will understand better how technology can help to protect lone workers.
  • You will improve your understanding of the strategies needed to improve lone worker safety.
  • You will learn how to balance meeting your duty of care with providing an effective service to the public.
  • You will gain a better knowledge of nature, causes and good responses to aggressive behaviour or conflict.

Reduced Ticket Cost

  • £99.00 + VAT (incl refreshments, lunch and conference pack)

Please view our website www.ppss-loneworkersafety.co.uk, email us on info@ppss-loneworkersafety.co.uk or call us on 0845 5193 953 if you have any questions in reference to our LONE WORKER SAFETY 2011 event.