Reliance ProtectWe are extremely proud to confirm that Reliance Protect has been selected as our headline sponsor for this year’s LONE WORKER SAFETY Conference & Exhibition

Some of this country’s leading and most respected experts on lone worker safety will once again come together on Tuesday, 26th November 2013 at London’s Olympia Conference.

This year’s headline sponsor Reliance Protect is the most secure and robust provider of end-to-end lone worker protection solutions across the UK with over 50,000 users.

Their range of personal safety devices are linked to a super efficient 24/7 dedicated monitoring centre – the most accredited and compliant in Europe.  Using GSM and GPS technology, their devices incorporate audio channels to connect you to their monitoring centre.

The team of Reliance Protect can pinpoint your precise location and alert the emergency services while capturing and recording everything that takes place.

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 Conference & Exhibition - verticalFor us it was crucial to collaborate with the very best in this field and we believe with Reliance Protect we have found the best in this field.

There is no doubt in my mind, our exhibition and conference will once again be a major success.  We genuinely believe we will show a growth of no less than 25%, and I think this is the best possible evidence for a clear need in further guidance on lone worker safety.

Facilities management professionals, public sector workers, social and health care professionals, utility field representatives, security, law enforcement and public transport professionals have attended the 2012 event, and the feedback has just been fantastic… but please be assured we have learned from this feedback.

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 will once again be all about providing professionals, interested in improving lone worker security with specific and up-to-date information.

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 is an annual event, which will help everyone to learn how to balance meeting the duty of care with providing an effective service to the public, and gain a better knowledge of nature, causes and good responses to aggressive behaviour or conflict.

This event will also feature a number of experts, manufacturers and suppliers of lone worker alarms and lone worker safety devices.

Please also note we have decided to set up two LONE WORKER SAFETY 2014  events, one in May 2014 in Toronto, Canada, and one in November 2014 in London, UK.

Please view the this year’s event website, email or call 0845 5193 953


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