The LONE WORKER SAFETY 2014 Expo takes place on Tuesday, 25th November 2014 at the Olympia Conference Center in London

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2014 Conference and ExhibitionThe LONE WORKER SAFETY 2014 Expo is the only annual conference and exhibition entirely focusing on all aspects of lone worker protection.

This event features expert speakers along with a list of industry leading exhibitors which includes firms specialising in lone worker protection technology and devices, as well as personal safety training providers and other types of risk and conflict management companies.

Over the past five year this event has become a really valuable stage for health and safety professionals and others charged with the personal safety of lone workers to exchange information, recommendations and codes of practice in reference to all aspects of working alone.

Since its launch in 2009 the list of exhibitors has always included firms widely recognised for some of the world’s most advanced devices and technology. Connexion2, Reliance Protect and Blackline GPS are just a few of the industry leading firms that have decided to once again be part of the LONE WORKER SAFETY Expo.

Why is the issue of lone worker protection so important? According to numerous studies and research projects a very high percentage of frontline professionals are anxious about the fact that verbal aggression, hostility or physical conflict has become part of the daily job.

Everyone responsible for safety, security and protection of their lone worker must understand all legal responsibilities to their workforce. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 and other laws do not make it illegal for employees to work alone, but they do place a responsibility on the employer to ensure that it is safe for them to do so.

Image taken at last year's LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 Expo

Image taken at last year’s LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 Expo

Employers are responsible not just for their own employees but also for others who are affected by their work activities such as self-employed individuals and contractors.

However, those who work alone also have a responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves and others affected by their working activities. This includes co-operating with employers to ensure that their legal responsibilities are met.

The speaker of this year’s event will all aim to highlight what can and what should be done to improve the protection and security and safety of those working alone and by doing so subsequently reduce the risk of workplace violence.

Nigel Heaton, founder and director of specialised UK based risk management organisation Human Applications, will offer an overview of criminal and civil responsibilities and also highlight what to document and how to create effective systems.

Nicole Vazquez, director of Worthwhile Training, will explain what exactly is best practice on producing effective paperwork and what needs to be in and what can you leave out.Nicole will also offer valuable suggestions on how to create effective lone worker protection policies and how to assess the effectiveness of current already implemented policies.

Patrick Dealtry, director of The Lone Working Group and writer of the British Standard for the supply of lone worker services, will offer an up-to-date view on the changing face of the lone worker market; developments, standards, solutions and devices.

Bill Fox, chairman of conflict management firm Maybo, will help our delegates to manage complex needs and challenging behaviours, and how to change staff habits and behaviours.

Security and health & safety experts from Sodexo (one of the UK’s leading facility management firms with over 35,000 emplopyees) will highlight what effective measures they have taken to improve the personal safety of their workforce. We believe that this will be a very interesting presentation indeed.

Doug Melia, director of Defend UK, who delivered a truly outstanding presentation at last year’s event, was asked by several delegates to return this year again in order to repeat his very passionate and lively presentation on ‘Understanding Reasonable Force’, which included several aspects from the criminal and European Law on the subject of managing the risk of physical violence and aggression.

I think it is fair to suggest that this year’s LONE WORKER SAFETY 2014 Expo will once again become a great success and effectively help to reduce workplace violence and it subsequent injuries. The knowledge provided by all speakers and the carefully selected products highlighted by all exhibitors can make a real difference to the level of protection and safety lone workers can be assured of. It can make the difference of coming home safely after a hard day at work or not coming home at all.