LONE WORKER SAFETY 2015 ExpoWe are proud to announce today the date and location of this year’s highly anticipated LONE WORKER SAFETY 2015 Conference & Exhibition.

Once again we have decided to run our event at London’s Olympia Conference Centre on Tuesday 24th November 2015.

Our LONE WORKER SAFETY 2o15 Conference & Exhibition will be all about providing like-minded professionals involved in lone worker safety with specific and up-to-date information, which will go far beyond theory alone.

It will be once again all be structured around lone worker safety and focus on health & safety professionals, lone workers themselves, managers, team leaders and senior members of staff who work within organisations where lone working takes place.

What are the most realistic operational risks and hazards for those working alone?

  • violence and abuse – for example, potentially vulnerable workers may include utility meter readers, enforcement officer, emergency medical professionals and social or health care workers.
  • accidents –  for example where the consequences are worse if there’s no immediate assistance, e.g. slips, trips and falls, suffocation in confined spaces, electrocution or working with dangerous substances

Why attending our LONE WORKER SAFETY 2015 event?

  • Because we have invited some of the UK’s most respected experts and speakers, planning to deliver passionate talks which, without question, will help you to develop a better understanding on how to help your workforce to stay safe.
  • Benefit from the in depth knowledge of some of the countries lone worker and personal safety experts.
  • Gain enhanced awareness of lone worker protection risks and appropriate measures to improve personal safety.
  • Learn how to balance meeting your duty of care with providing an effective service to the public.
  • Gain a better knowledge of nature, causes and good responses to aggressive behaviour or conflict.
  • Understand how technology e.g. lone worker safety devices, lone worker tracking or personal alarms can help to improve lone worker safety Learn about the effectiveness of good
  • Let us help you to develop the most effective lone worker policy for your organisation.


  • Public & Private Sector: £199.00 + VAT (incl refreshments, lunch and conference pack)
  • Charitable Organisations: £149.00 + VAT (incl refreshments, lunch and conference pack)

If lone worker safety is something you are passionate or wish to learn more about… then this is really the event to attend.

Any questions? Please do call us on 0845 5193 953 or email info@loneworkersafetyexpo.com