08:30 – 09:30

Arrival (Refreshments & Networking)


09:30 – 09:45


Speaker: Robert Kaiser – Organiser and Chair of LONE WORKER SAFETY 2017


09:45 – 10:10

Have Changes to the Sentencing Guidelines Changed the Legal Responsibilities for Employers of Lone Workers?

  • The implications of the sentencing guidelines on health and safety obligations
  • Having concluded what the impact is, the talk will highlight what obligations are
  • How the sentencing guidelines apply in practice

Speaker: Lukas Rootman – Partner at Nabarro, a major commercial law firm with offices in London, Brussels, Dubai, Manchester, Sheffield and Singapore


10:10 – 10:45

Why lone workers get a bad deal!

  • What the law says about lone working
  • The consequences of taking no action
  • Using the rapid risk assessment to stay safer

Speaker: Walter Brennan – Managing Director, Oliver Brennan Training


10:45 – 11:20

Training Lone Workers; from First Aid to Conflict Management – If they need it, how do you get it right and make it stick?

  • Assessing the need for training: Ways to link your training needs analysis to your risk management process and spend your budget where it is really needed.
  • Deciding on the content: Lone working varies and so should your training content. Exploring ways to develop a relevant and targeted training plan that delivers results.
  • Engaging lone workers: All training needs to capture the audience’s interest, that’s the easy bit. But really inspiring learners with relevant and effective material and a training style that suits them is what will make the difference long term to individuals and the organisation.
  • Embedding the learning: Just how do you know you’ve had the desired effect? Exploring ways to measure the impact and to keep the momentum for good practice and change going.

Speaker: Nicole Vazquez – Director of Worthwhile Training and highly respected expert consultant on all aspects of lone worker safety


11:20 – 11:40

Break (Refreshments & Networking)


11:40 – 12:40

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll – What we can learn from bad behaviour…

  • The Physiology and Psychology behind Risk Tolerance
  • Safety, Empathy and Black Humour
  • Learning from Bad Behaviour
  • Methodologies that maximise influence

Speaker: Tim Marsh – Chairman of RyderMarshSharman


12:40 – 13:10

Making training stick: the strategy/culture challenge

  • The 3P’s dilemma: Policy, Procedure, Practice
  • ‘Conflict Management Training’ vs. pragmatic customer facing staff and their communication styles
  • Making it stick, bringing together the 3P’s
  • Moving forward and maintenance

Speaker: Mark Jenner – Managing Director of Assault Reduction International


13:10 – 14:10

Lunch Break (Excellent Food, Refreshments & Networking)


14:10 – 14:40

The Lone Worker Market – An Overview

  • The Lone Worker Market today
  • How Lone Worker services are developing including the effect of the latest technology
  • How the 2016 review of BS8484 has changed the standard
  • Employees travelling abroad
  • Choosing the right service for your organisation

Speaker: Patrick Dealtry – Director, The Lone Working Group Ltd and previous Chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s Lone Worker Section


14:50 – 15:30

Body Armour – Why?

  • Moral, legal, financial and media consequences when not issuing appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Latest design and manufacturing of body armour
  • Realistic operational risks and threats of today’s society
  • ‘Perception’
  • Case study

Tony Welsh – Global Operations Director of PPSS Group


15:30 – 15:50

Break (Refreshments & Networking)


15:50 – 16:30

Use of force & violence reduction strategies, guidance for lone workers

  • Threat assessing high risk violence & edged weapons
  • Legal guidelines for procuring training for lone workers
  • Advising staff on their right to defend themselves
  • “Acts & omissions” implementing sensible policy & procedure for staff to follow
  • Discussing what is reasonable force, handling internal investigations managing human rights and risk assessing the activities of your lone workers

Speaker: Doug Melia – Director of Safer Handling – Professional Safety Education



Close of Event