LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 Conference & Exhibition Improving lone worker security and lone worker protection are two key responsibilities for every health & safety manager responsible for the personal safety of his/her workforce.

Looking into effective lone worker security training, policies, systems, and devices has become a real challenge as this industry seems to be updating its products and services on almost a daily basis.

Everyone is now under immense financial pressure, hence lone worker security and protection is something WE have decided should be focus on an specialised and dedicated conference and exhibition.

This year’s LONE WORKER SAFETY 2013 Conference & Exhibition is the ideal platform for those professionals.  It is an event that allows them to listen to some of the UK’s most respected experts in this field and also speak to firms who have recently launched some of the most advanced technical devices to improve lone worker security and protection.

On 27th November 2012 many professionals who all share a genuine passion for this subject will get together in London to share experiences, offer free advice and ensure that all visitors will take ‘home’ valuable information, which will allow them to look after their workforce more effectively.

Do YOU want to join us and discuss your lone worker security and protection issues with others?

Just like at previous events, we expect attendees from a variety of sectors e.g. public sector enforcement, housing, social and health care, nursing, utilities field representatives and public transport… and we would also like to welcome YOU!

Why should YOU attend this lone worker security and protection focussed event?

  • Learn how to balance meeting your duty of care with providing an effective service to the
  • Benefit from the in depth knowledge of some of the countries lone worker and personal security experts.
  • Gain enhanced awareness of lone worker security risks.
  • Understand how technology e.g. lone worker safety devices, lone worker tracking or personal alarms can help to improve lone worker security.
  • Gain a better knowledge of nature, causes and good responses to aggressive behaviour or conflict.


  • Public & Private Sector: £199.00 + VAT (incl refreshments, lunch and conference pack)
  • Charitable Organisations: £149.00 + VAT (incl refreshments, lunch and conference pack)

In case you have any further questions in regards to our event or any other lone worker security or protection related topics, then please contact us on:  0845 5193 953 or mail info@loneworkersafetyexpo.com or visit www.loneworkersafetyexpo.com