LONE WORKER SAFETY 2012 Conference & Exhibition

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2012 Conference & Exhibition, taking place on Tue, 27th November 2012 at the Olympia Conference Centre, is once again due exceed everyone’s expectations, according to their organiser PPSS Group.

Just over one month to go, the UK’s most respected firms in lone worker safety training, technology, tracking, alarms and monitoring, have already confirmed their support and participation.

“Our exhibition is now sold out, and there is no doubt in my mind, our conference will be sold out too.  This is the best possible evidence of how important this subject now is in the UK”, PPSS Group’s CEO Robert Kaiser states.

This years LONE WORKER SAFETY 2012 event will once again be all about providing professionals, interested in improving lone worker safety with specific and up-to-date information, which goes far beyond theory alone.

Robert Kaiser explains: “We feel very privileged and are immensely proud to say that some of the UK’s leading and most respected experts are going to deliver talks and presentation, which without question will help our delegates to develop a better understanding of the strategies needed to effectively improve the personal safety of their workforce”.

“Facilities management professionals, public sector workers, social and health care professionals, utility field representatives, security and public transport professionals have attended the 2011 event, and the feedback has just been fantastic, and certainly have learned from this feedback”, he continues.

LONE WORKER SAFETY 2012 is an annual event, which will help everyone to learn how to balance meeting the duty of care with providing an effective service to the public, and gain a better knowledge of nature, causes and good responses to aggressive behaviour or conflict. This year’s event will feature an in depth presentation on effective lone working policies.

Please view the this year’s event website www.loneworkersafetyexpo.com, email info@loneworkersafetyexpo.com or call 0845 5193 953

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UK based PPSS Group are widely respected experts in lone worker safety and the reduction of workplace violence and its related injuries.

With more than 20 years of frontline experience in high risk security operations in some of the most hostile environments, Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, has gained a great and very clear understanding of this problem.  PPSS Group is constantly in search for the most effective approaches to reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries and even the loss of life. Extensive research projects and surveys are currently in progress and the results will once again help to protect those working alone or direct supervision.